Lite gloves
Lite gloves

Lite gloves

A new, better model of well-known lite series work gloves. Professional, comfortable, thin, with short cuff. Double seams and reinforcements in strategic places. The gloves provide high comfort, precision of work and adapt well to the hand.

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Description lite gloves are zippered with glued and then extra stitched velcro. Velcro is applied with hooks down to avoid irritation of the skin of wrist. There's a logo with white background placed on the velcro – perfect place to sign your gloves.

Palm and fingers part of the glove is made of thin but strong fabric. Outer part is made of very thin, flexible and breathable fabric. The gripping part – most exposed to abrasion – is reinforced with extra fabric applied with double stitches. There is also a terry cloth on the thumb to rub sweat.

Short cuff doesn't limit the movement of the hand. Moreover, there's a handhold for easy putting the glove on, which is also the size indicator.

How to choose the gloves size? Please check the attached list:

– size S means circa 8 cm wide,

– size M means circa 9 cm wide,

– size L means circa 10 cm wide,

– size XL means circa 11 cm wide.

Mind that those information are approximate and for correct choice it's advised to try on the gloves. Of course in the case of ordering incorrect size it is possible to replace unused gloves.

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