Gaffer Holder
Gaffer Holder

Gaffer Holder

Comfortable leash on the spring hook for hanging gafer tapes so that they are always at hand. Easy and convenient tape assembly.
Includes a spring hook for lanyard fastening.

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Ideal for any stage, film, TV studio or theatre works. Comfortable one hand handling,

Leash equipped with a brace for fast putting the tapes on and off, allowing easy and efficient swapping them if necessary. Additionally the brace allows you to regulate the holder length, so you can make it shorter or longer depending on the amount of holding tapes.

Comfortable aluminium carabinier allows you to hang the holder on a trousers loop, to keep them close at hand.


length with carabiner: 40 cm,
weight: 49 g.

CAUTION: Not designed for climbing or fall arrest.

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