Glove Guard gloves clip
Glove Guard gloves clip

Glove Guard gloves clip

With a clip Glove Guard gloves are always at hand and will not be lost anymore. You just have to have a clip and learn to use it.

Glove Guard clip is the only original clip with a patented safe tear-off system. The system protects against damage caused by hanging on the clip.

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Recommended for all stage, film, TV and theatre works. Handy and functional clip, which helps to keep your gloves close at hand and prevent them from getting lost.

Clip is made of high quality plastic, it is non-conductive and non-corrosive. It has two clips: smaller one, which you can attach to belt’s loop or clothes, and bigger one to attach the gloves. Glove Guard is also equipped with safety braking system working when the load exceeds 5kg – which allows avoiding injury in case of hanging on a clip.


length: 11 cm – it’s easy to reach gloves,
weight: 17 g – very lightweight.

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