Rubber cable tie, T-fix type
Rubber cable tie, T-fix type

Rubber cable tie, T-fix type

A rubber band, which is ideal for holding, gripping, tying cables, but also other small items for trusses, tripods or cords. Perfectly known by theater and stage technicians, installers and fitters around the world. Reusable wristbands. Packing of 50 pieces.

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The rubber T-Fix tie, is a super handy product to quickly bundle your cables or other items together. The main use of it is to tie the cables bundles to the trusses, stands or the trek in a theater. They are great to tie twisted and untwisted cables, lying on the stage, bringing an order during the installation. Cables very neatly tied every few meters with rubber ties look good and in some cases it becomes unnecessary to use an extra duct or gaffer tape.

You can use this ties to quickly fix also other objects. Ties are super durable, elastic and reusable. Also they leave no traces of adhesive on the cables. It is an ideal solution to bundle and/or hide your cables! The attachment mechanism of elastic T-Fix-tie make binding easy. They are available in three lengths 8 cm, 16 cm and 23 cm. The rubber cable T-FIX ties are delivered per bundle of 50 pieces.

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